Who Are We?

A Solution Provider

Shrug off your hesitation, ask us about what’s confusing you and clear the air. If you are dating a Chinese and you are serious about it then you must seek consultation to avoid any heartache and even financial calamity that could occur in future. Chinese people come from many different backgrounds and statuses along with a wide array of mindsets.

Our main goal is to guide you in the right direction and offer the best possible solutions for your on-going relationship.

Why Choose Us?

Experience Counts

We are backed by our relationship and background.
I am a Chinese from Beijing and my husband is a native American. We live in the USA and visit to China regularly every year. Together we have experienced different levels of an emotional journey. Moreover, while I lived in Beijing I traveled to many different places in China and exposed myself to wide range of Chinese cultures and behaviors, which helped me to develop a deep understanding of them. Just because someone is born in China and speaks Mandarin does not mean they necessarily understand all the different cultures, customs and traditions throughout China, especially if they have never traveled. China is very different in this way than say, America, as most Americans are similar in speech and basic habits. NOT so in China!

Based on my experience I can give relationship consultancy on Chinese people.