Private Consultation

YES, we understand your confusion and frustration.

YES, your date is unique, your case is different.

NO, you CAN NOT find the answer online.

Are you dating a Chinese and serious about the relationship but not sure about the outcome?

We don’t want people to get duped by anyone and we want to help you keep the love blossoming. Our consultancy is focused on giving exclusive information to people who are in love with a Chinese and want to have a solid relationship. We make sure everything falls into place and help them with the right amount of knowledge and confidence to save them from unknown danger.

Our Tip – Do not risk yourself for unknown.

The idea of creating a consultancy firm came to our mind when one of our good friend landed in a harsh ground while dating a Chinese girl.  We were unable to save him from losing his job and over $30,000 that he spent on that indecent girl. When he came to us we declared the girl was not honest within a few minutes, but not due to what he thought. It would have been obvious, to a trained eye and ear from the very beginning that this girl was not legitimately interested in him.

We created our firm to help people like him who are in a relationship with a Chinese or planning to seriously date one.

What We Offer – Trusted & Tested Solutions

We offer private consultation sessions to those who would like an extra set of eyes and ears on their Chinese date. Consultation calls are done live over Skype and can cover any topic you’d like except anything involving legality or anything about other clients and the consultants’ private life.

What we don’t do:

A Dose of Reality:

Our main goal is to give you a 360-degree view of reality and we don’t want to keep it wrapped in a sugar coated or glossy package. If something is not right about your date we are going to tell you frankly and directly, with the reasons why. Similarly, if everything about your Chinese date is perfectly fine then we will gladly tell you that too!  
Remember, reality bites really hard. Not every relationship is destined to be a successful one, truthfulness matters a lot. Moreover, you need to explore more about your partner, who is coming from a completely different cultural and geographical background.

We’ll give you everything you need to know up front. No strings.

You are paying a Premium Price to get the Best Result and we are here to save you time, money, heartache and of course, help you create a happy and rewarding future relationship. 

Our Purpose:

To provide Customized Solutions for each Individual. 

Each of our private consulting calls is tailored to individual needs and our expert advice will assure that you get only the best.

Your Confusion+ Your Problems = Our Solutions

Remember, each problem has a unique set of solutions and no case is similar.

We assure 100% Commitment

We at, guarantee a no-nonsense, effective, prompt and result-oriented solutions. 

Wake up to reality | Get back your Sanity

Standard Consultation


● 45-minute video call via Skype
● Live conversation with me.
● We can cover as many issues you want during the allotted time.
● We’ll provide an in-depth review of any situations you’d like us to look at.
● Coaching call will be scheduled as soon as you and your coach are available. Most coaching clients have urgent issues and we’ll do our best to meet with you ASAP.

Premium Consultation


● 1 hour video call via Skype
● BOTH my husband and I will be on Skype to coach you
● We can cover as many issues as you want during the allotted time.
● We’ll provide an in-depth review of any situations you’d like us to look at.
● Coaching call will be scheduled as soon as you and your coach are available. Most coaching clients have urgent issues and we’ll do our best to meet with you ASAP.

What’s in the Package?

Once you purchase our package, we will send you a survey which you need to fill and e-mail back to us ASAP. This survey is important for us as well as you. It will ask you about your case in detailed format, about yourself, and your questions that you want us to answer for you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions that are specific to your problem and you want our in-depth review of; we will surely get back with a proper answer.

Survey Leads to Skype Call Session: 

The survey also gives you an option to make us aware about your availability for a Skype Call. Please do mention about different possible times when you’re available for the call. 
We’ll pick a time that will work for both of us as soon as we get your e-mail.
We’ll respond to your email to confirm the schedule.  
We don’t like to keep people waiting, so we’ll do our best to schedule the call quickly.

What Is a Consultation Call Like?

We always ask each of our clients to fill the ‘Survey Form’ with as much as information that they can provide to us.  Each case has its own merits and demerits, the survey lets us know about you and your need. We will go through each piece of information provided by you over and over to understand the real crux of the matter.
Once we make ourselves fully aware of your needs and problems you are ready to go for the consultation call.

We’ll start the consultation session by asking any follow-up questions we had from the information you submitted in the survey, and then dive into your questions.

Your Needs can Vary:
Maybe you don’t have a specific problem but want us to take a look into your prospective partner’s habits, goals and actions before jumping into any decisive action or conclusion.
As a private client you may also ask for general feedback, overview of the situation or clear any areas of confusion you may.  

An in-depth case review will always need an authentic, trusted and experienced consultation call session to get the perfect result. We will provide that to you.