Hi. My name is Charles and I cannot thank tochinawithlove.us enough for not letting my dream turn into a nightmare.

I have always had a thing for Chinese girls. The day I met Li started like every other day.

Wake up, head to work and bury my head on the desk until night-time. Thereafter, I go home and repeat the next day. Except, that day was different.

During my lunch break, I decided to reply to some Facebook messages. That was when I got a friend request from Li, one the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen. A delicate revelation of Asian beauty –she was everything I wanted in a woman. We became Facebook friends. Soon, chats and DMs turned to endless video and real-time calls and minutes turned to days and months; I had the Chinese girl of my dreams. At least until all my attempts at meeting Li seemed to fail.

You see, as a System Analyst in a top IT firm, travelling was out of it, so I spent a small fortune on Li’s flight tickets and every other thing that would facilitate my meeting with my love. At a point, I considered taking a short leave and while mulling this over with several friends, one of them is from Shanghai, she advised me ask help from professional.

After several weeks of procrastination fuelled by Li’s affectations of undying love, I contacted tochinawithlove.us. After a few emails, they won me over with their knowledge and professional, yet empathetic approach. I was given a survey to fill. It contained questions about me, Li and the best time for an interactive session.

By 15 June 2018, we progressed to a series of private consultations sessions over Skype. I got expert advice which confirmed my fears and opened my love-struck eyes to the elaborate romance scam that Li’s love was.

Devastated, hurt and a little poorer both financially and psychologically, I cut my losses and ended my contact with Li. Today, I am happily engaged to Yang, a wonderful Chinese lady I found on ****(a dating site), lives in the same block with me in the last 3 years but never met before. Who says dreams don’t come true. Looking back, I ask myself what my love life would have been without tochinawithlove.us. Thanks to  their professional service for not letting my dream turn into a nightmare.

Charles S.

System Analyst.UK

The consultation services provided by Xi from tochinawithlove.us gave me a life-changing experience.  She not only saved my life from venturing into the wrong direction but also enlightened me to a better way of life. If it hadn’t been for her consultation services, I may have lost a precious person from my life. The consultation process wasn’t like a nonsensical one, as I had previously fathomed. It turned out to be a dedicated survey to understand my case well and provide a customized counseling. I had been confused if I should see a woman of Chinese descent, although I fancied her. The cultural differences and a different lifestyle had left me perplexed. I believe myself to be of an open-minded, but the decision would have had life-changing impacts. The consultation was carried out via Skype, and it was scheduled as per my convenience. I received the call on time, and my coach Xi, a jolly fellow by nature, provided me with a comprehensive view of my situation and answered all my questions with a certain confidence I was looking forward to. She assured me that my skeptic outlook to date a Chinese woman was quite common. For my specific case, the contrasts, cultural or lifestyle-based, were not to affect our compatibility. More importantly, Xi did not sugar-coat the gravity of my affairs, while also not hesitating from pointing out issues – the review was honest and sincere.  Thank you, Xi. Thanks to tochinawithlove.us! Be it my confusions, problems, or the magnitude of the situation, I received all the answers I needed to absolve my problems. A researched case study and a well-assessed situation analysis was helpful in making informed decisions. To conclude, the session helped me in getting a better understanding of my needs and probable compatibility issues that I have handled quite gracefully. In fact prior to the Skype session, I had anxiety to divulge my affairs to a stranger, but a couple of minutes into the session and I grew somber and relaxed. I would suggest all those living in a dilemma to avail themselves of these private consultation services. It would only lead you to a better life.

Jürgen D.

Electrical Engineer. Germany

Before my decision to contact any dating consultation service at all, I was a 38 years old single man who had problems dating women—or rather, dating the right woman. I was always frustrated in all my relationships. My current girlfriend, a pretty Chinese girl from Sichuan, at the time was no exception. I was simply not happy with the relationship. But I wanted things to work out so I asked people what I could do. A close friend suggested I tried contacting a dating consultation agency. I must admit, I was sceptic at first, but after a while, I realised, “What could go wrong?” So I tried a regular date consultation agency online. But their dating coaches were unskilled and inexperienced. I didn’t feel any change in my dating life; I was still very much miserable in my relationship. So I got on the internet again to get me a better dating consultation service. That’s when I stumbled on tochinawithlove.us, an service which focused on helping dating and marrying Chinese. Boy …was I lucky. The dating consultants at tochinawithlove.us were simply the best. This is how my experience started. I found the details of their consultation process online, and I decided to give it a try. Their service was very efficient and helpful, unlike the previous agencies I had tried that didn’t work out. After I purchased the service, I immediately got a survey from them by email. The survey asked a lot of details I’d never thought of about my girlfriend, my dating condition and when I was available to speak with them. All well so good, I filled the survey and sent it back. On one my designated times, and quickly too, they sent me a video call by Skype. Now, this made my experience quite interesting and personal. The agencies I had tried before simply phoned in, and I could never really express myself as well as I did with tochinawithlove.us. The consultation call itself was much more than a therapy, I also got tons of information. I felt at ease and relaxed. I discovered that they had further examined my survey because they asked me very direct questions pertaining to my dating case. After the 45 minutes Skype interview, my dating coach  Xi rounded up the facts and told me so many things about myself and my girlfriend that I didn’t realise. The consultation  made me understand that the girl I was currently intimate was playing with my emotions. A while later, I discovered it was true! How she knew from the little details that I had given her was amazing! I was much happier after I ended the relationship. By using the dating consultation services to provide me an in-depth review of my dating case, it opened my eyes to the world of dating. By giving me good insight on my bad relationship, I was able to move onto better things by dating another Chinese woman I am very happy with. My experience with tochinawithlove.us has been wonderful. I’m grateful to the service there. They are very emphatic in their approach and have been nothing short of professional!

Gérard J.

Agricultural worker. France