Why Is It Complicated, Western Women Don’t Like to Date Chinese Men?

Western Women Date Chinese Men

Chinese Men, Western Women and the Dating Scenes

Nowadays a lot of western women assume they are willing to date men from every culture imaginable. This belief might be accurate for some women; however, the vast majority of western females reject non-western men based on misguided assumptions about them. Chinese Men, as some writers suggest find it hard to date western women due to the barriers they put in front of them. The following are a few questions western women should ask themselves before Dating Chinese men:

  • Are western women reluctant to date Chinese Men? Why?
  • Who or what taught western women to think the way they do?
  • Do Single Chinese Men want a stereotypical meek, subservient, wife?
  • Where should western women Meet Chinese Men?
  • How should I tell him I don’t want a Chinese Husband?
  • Will he treat me the way he is expected to treat women in his culture?
  • Will he expect me to allow him to do his duty to his family?
  • Has the media influenced western women’s perception of China and its men?
  • Has popular culture reinforced white women’s opinion of Chinese Men?
  • Are we willing to overcome our cultural differences?

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Why western women rarely date Chinese Men?

Some women wish to date the stereotypical tall, dark, handsome man and they consider Chinese Men to be less attractive than white western, or other ethnic men. In an age where physical beauty is even more critical than it was fifty or a hundred years ago, western women are all too aware of the need to date the right man for their society. Ethnic and cultural diversity is a great theoretical concept, yet the racist view of white supremacy is very much alive in western countries such as Australia, the United States, and many others. White women base their often shallow opinions, on biased films, news reports, literature as well as those of their family, friends, and acquaintances. The right man will supposedly lead to that all-important promotion, hence the need to choose ‘safe men’ rather than unacceptable ones. While the same attitude applies to men, western women still need to work harder to prove themselves hence the need to date racially acceptable men. Australian women believe they are somehow immune from their British European and American sisters, yet unfortunately, they are very much mistaken. Australian women also date men who are culturally acceptable as opposed to those who are not.

Who or what taught western women to think the way they do?

Generations of people taught western women Single Chinese Men are less desirable than those from similar countries and cultures. Grandparents taught their granddaughters to fear Chinese Men or to treat them as distasteful oddities to or worse. Few people taught young girls to embrace cultural diversity and to appreciate China and its men as worthy of consideration. History books are also to blame as they distort the facts rather than providing their audience with a balanced view of the past. The writer’s bias encourages females to develop an unwillingness to Dating Chinese Men without them realizing it. Racism is all too real in the dating game as white women allow their prejudices to outweigh their feelings for Single Chinese Men.

What to Expect When Dating a Chinese Guy?

Do Single Chinese men want a meek, subservient wife?

The answer is not as simple as both western and Chinese people think it is. Some Psychologists suggest some Chinese men appear to want a traditional wife; others claim they prefer a well modern one. Western men are surprisingly similar in as much as they expect their wife to clean their home and produce that all-important male heir. Some western male managers are reluctant to employ women in the belief their baby-making days are a hindrance, rather than an asset to the company’s finances. This view is all too clear for Single Chinese men as they participate in their version of the dating game. They are still expected to be the stable, reliable, breadwinner in an age when financial stability is not guaranteed. The noble, Chinese Husband is no longer a viable option, yet this traditional cultural value is very much entrenched in a man’s mind when he participates in the dating game.

Differences Between Dating a Chinese Man and A Western Man.


Where Should Western Women Meet Chinese Men?

Western women need to think carefully about where to meet Chinese men because their choice will likely affect the way their families view them. The family is arguably even more important for Chinese Men than it is for western women because they cannot risk being ostracised by the very people who need them most. Honour is everything to Asian people which is the very reason western women should think carefully about where, when and whether they should Meet Chinese Men to ensure their honor remains intact.

How Should I tell him I don’t want to marry him?

It is never wise to talk about marriage on a first, second or third date; however, you need to be aware of cultural values, especially when your suitor is Chinese. Western women do not necessarily want A Chinese husband, yet they will likely need to encourage his advances until they find an appropriate way to reject them. Sensitive, yet clear communication is the key to preventing hurt and shame. It is best to tell him face-to-face, rather than over the phone or by text message as he will know you’re respectful and sincere. There is not an easy answer to this question; however, it is possible to tell him the truth while ensuring your honor remains intact.

Will he treat me the way he is expected to treat women in his culture?

Studies show western women believe their dream of independence will end when they marry Chinese men hence their reluctance to date them. The fact is western women ask this question proves they are unwilling to learn about them and their modern culture. Writers claim understanding as well as a willingness to explore every aspect of a country, its people and their perception of the world help to allay fears of inadequate treatment. It is possible some Chinese men will suffocate their western female date with too much attention, yet ironically they often argue white male counterparts are not as romantic or generous as they would wish. The best advice anyone could give a modern western woman is to make a logical, calculated decision about men regardless of ethnicity and culture knowing there will be consequences no matter who she chooses.

Has the media influenced western women’s perception of China and its men?

The short answer is YES. Western media has encouraged Australian, American, British and other women to view Chinese Men negatively. Journalists often portray non-western men as drug cheats, gamblers, uncaring, inhumane as well as other things. Asian men are somehow more likely to be involved in questionable activities than white men. Negative reports provide white women with inaccurate ideas about Asian men that make them dismiss Chinese Men as potential dates. Tall, muscular, athletic Chinese Men take performance-enhancing drugs, or so western audiences think as they see astonishing results online, on television or they read about them in the local newspaper. This image does not fit with the public’s view of Chinese men as small and slender which is not always the case; however, that is how many western women see Asian men hence their belief the media is right. While western women wish to date the very man described above, their biased perception of Chinese Men prevents them from learning the truth.

Has popular culture reinforced western women’s opinion of Chinese men?

It has. Popular culture has formed western women’s ideas of China and its men. Films, theatre, literature and art shapes white women’s image of Chinese Men. Many women base their decision to date Asian men on what they’ve seen, read or heard. These images consist of men as the savior, the ruler of his domain, the provider and the dutiful son. It is vital to remember Dating Chinese Men is different from going out with a white westerner. Popular culture emphasizes the fact men Experts suggest Chinese Men are indirect which makes it challenging for western women to know whether to continue dating them or not. Modern art, film, and literature rarely portray Chinese Men as individuals with their own desires.

Are we willing to overcome our cultural differences?

This question is interesting as it focuses on couples, rather than individuals. It recognizes the fact there are two people in a relationship whether it is serious or not. People consciously participate in the dating game knowing what they want, yet strangely they do not ask this fundamental question when they go out. Experts claim one of the main reasons Chinese men and western women rarely date or form long-term relationships is lack of commitment to overcome cultural barriers which may not exist. The simple answer is yes. Yes, men and women should be willing to overcome their cultural differences; however, they should do so without compromising on what is essential to them. Cultural differences are often not as significant a problem as people believe. If anything they can strengthen a relationship rather than weaken it.

The above questions provide an insight into the way white western women perceive Chinese men. It is interesting how technology has changed yet humans remain the same. To use technological jargon, traditional views of marriage, children and gender roles are not obsolete. Obselence is a slow, often painful process in the human world as traditional values are entrenched in societies around the world. Progress, as emphasized above, is slow as conventional values and emotion which hinders change. Computers and other machines are much more straightforward in so far as they allow the user to delete the past with the aim of creating the ideal document or product. While cultural values should be respected individuals, need to survive in an ever-changing world. Survival consists of marriage and children. Technology cannot replace human beings. It cannot change the fact men, regardless of culture need to sire offspring. Western women claim to be tolerant of cultural views, yet they cannot comprehend the idea marriage and children are literally the be all and end all. Once western women appreciate their Chinese suitor’s attitude towards women and dating, they are likely to embrace them.

Women Who Date Chinese Men

It is necessary to note not all western women reject Chinese Men. Unfortunately, these women are few and far between; however, there are some who date single Chinese men. Those rare women want stability. They want to know a man will provide for them. Love is unusual; however, some expats argue it is not impossible.


Chinese Men rarely date or marry western women for many of the reasons mentioned above. Culture plays a vital role in determining whether a few dates become a committed relationship. Intercultural awareness will encourage singles to look beyond their worldview. Western women often refuse to date Chinese men in the belief they are tall, handsome type. The dating game is precisely that, although the reasons for doing so differs between Chinese and western culture. Psychologists suggest traditional men will probably date their women; however, modern Chinese men will look towards the west for the right woman. In conclusion, women need to reflect on their assumptions to determine whether they are racist.

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